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During my senior year of high school, I was chosen to design the logo for the new high school called Lebanon Trail in Frisco, TX. I was given a place on the board to help ideate the colors of the school, tile, and more as well as what the mascot would be and what it would look like. Working with the mascot the Trailblazer, I chose to design it to be a horse with flames igniting from its mane as it blazes a trail with strength and poise. I sketched my first draft with pencil on paper, sent it to the principal of Lebanon Trail, and to my delight, he loved it. From there I began to bring the Trailblazer to life in Illustrator. I wanted the logo to be different than the typical angry, scary looking, about-to-trample-you-and-tear-you-to-pieces mascot, while still maintaining a bold, dominant and aggressive expression. 

First Sketch & Finished Logo

Lebanon Trail

Photos at the School

 Article from SportsDay featured on the Dallas Morning News

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