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This project is about the idea of home and what it really means. By using solely images, no text, the brochure reveals snippets of a story about home and my personal experience of "home" in my own life. Using only images also places a limitation to how much of the story can actually be revealed to the viewers, so here is some of the background story of the meaning and inspiration behind this project: As I've grown up traveling back and forth to two different houses with different people my whole life, the idea of home has always been loose and inconsistent, and it has especially changed as I have moved out and started living on my own. When designing the brochure I focused on 3 main ideas: 1. Is a home defined by the physical house you dwell in or the people you are closest to? 2. As I leave the nest, I'm also leaving the comfort of my family (and mom's cooking). 3. How many points on the map can you call home? Can "home" only be one physical location?

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