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I’m Lauren, a designer and multidisciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Before I could even spell my own name, art has been a prominent part of who I am, flowing instinctively out and serving as a companion, an outlet, a form of expression, and a lens for making sense of the world around me. With a natural aptitude in all things creative and a degree in Design from the University of Texas at Austin, my work and skillset have consistently been refining and expanding to range from innovative, thoughtfully crafted branding systems and visual identities to vibrantly expressive abstract paintings to skillful portraits and playful hand-illustrations, table making, embroidery, poetry writing… you get it, I like to make things. Through embodying both the spirit of an artist and the thought process of a designer, my work is cultivated by intuitive creative problem-solving and artistic proficiency to achieve visual captivation, originality, beauty, and expression, while empowering a sense of purpose, voice, cohesion, and intention.

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