I'm Lauren and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas, studying design at the University of Texas. Being a multidisciplinary creative, I consider myself a maker of anything I can get my hands on, whether that comes in the form of painting for the pure joy of it, designing a website or logo for a company, crafting a shelf by hand with scraps from the alley, or sketching on anything in my possession. My passion for art and all things creative led me to submerge into graphic design, in which I learned to channel my creativity from pencil and paint brush into the digital realm as well. From fresh, inventive, minimalistic logos to wild, quirky, dynamic flat pattern designs to intricate, finely crafted illustrations, my work expresses a sense of spirit and spunk composed with sophistication and thought that can be used to enhance or build a variety of platforms, campaigns, brands, and missions.