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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Lauren, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. As a multidisciplinary creative, I range from an "I take my duties very seriously" Lauren, who thoughtfully composes clean, inventive logo designs & branding for businesses and companies to a "you know when you really think about it, we're all just taller, slightly more physically and intellectually developed kids who were forced into a corporate ladder-climbing, career-obsessing, soul-sucking, capitalist society trying to pretend we know what we're doing and how insurance works but really I just want to live in a treehouse bungalow in the tropical jungle of Bali with my cat and make art all day inspired by love and pain and beauty and sorrow and eat cereal for every meal" Lauren who passionately creates vibrant, quirky abstract paintings for the mere joy of it or pours her very soul out into her art for emotional reflection and expression. No matter where I fall on the creative spectrum, my work as a whole embodies a spirit of imagination and play cultivated by an acute sense of visionary and intentional ideation that empowers me for both creative problem solving and self expression.

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